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FTK – Freight Tonne Kilometer

FTK is the acronym for Freight Tonne Kilometer, and it is a unit of measurement representing one metric tonne of freight revenue carried for one kilometer.
It is a productivity or volume indicator used to measure the payload-distance of a mode, lane, or region.
It is mainly used in the air freight industry and appears, notably, in many IATA reports and statistics.

An example and how to calculate FTK:
From a small airport, we had 3 export departures last week.

Flight 1 – 2,500 kilos of cargo – flew to an airport 2000 kilometers away.

Flight 2 – 5,000 kilos of cargo – flew to an airport 3000 kilometers away.

Flight 3 – 1,000 kilos of cargo – flew to an airport 8000 kilometers away.

We could say that last week the export performance of our airport was 2,154 FTK.

Based on the following – kilos converted to tonnes

(2.5*2000+5*3000+1*8000)/(2000+3000+8000) = 2.154 FTK

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