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Learning logistics and limiting travel

An icon representing our free logistics eLearning and training Covid-19 initiative

With the current health situation, limiting travel is key in fighting the pandemic. Avoiding face to face training and promoting distance learning is one important factor in this fight and a significant number of helpful training companies are providing free or discounted access to training material and eLearning courses.

The health situation has also brought on a complicated economic situation in which many individuals must or may want to re-think their career path. Due to the comparatively lower impact of this crisis on the global supply chain and the logistics sector, many are or may look into this field as a source of employment option or for a future career move.

If the situation perdures, the global supply chain will most likely need to re-invent itself with a resurgence of local production and shorter haul moves, but logistics will remain a vibrant and dynamic employment sector.

Gaining access to training material and understanding what logistics and supply chain is about is a key first step for anyone interested in this field.

Allyn International is one provider that aims to help with both these circumstances by offering, since mid-March, all its logistics and supply chain introductory online eLearning training courses for free as well as a significant discount on all other courses.

Allyn International, a logistics and trade compliance specialist, with years of experience in the global marketplace, has always been committed to furthering the personal and professional development of its team members. They have been developing in-house, subject matter expert-led, virtual eLearnings for quite some time. With a proven track record of producing educational material for adult learners on their core business operations, they soon realized they could provide online eLearning training to external audiences as well.

As since its foundation by its two owners Allen and Julie Lynn (hence the business name Allyn) in 1992, Allyn has held contribution and well-being as two of its keys values, it came naturally to try and help in some way, when the global pandemic swept over the planet.

So if you are curious about logistics and want to learn more about logistics and supply chain, you can take a look at Allyn’s learning blog @ or register for some of the courses @

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Ocean freight training

Some shore cranes used to represent our ocean freight online eLearning training

Learn about ocean freight with our ocean freight training.

In this online elearning course, we will look at some essentials related to Ocean freight transport, to ocean cargo transport. We will review ocean transport in general before focusing on ocean liner transport and its 4 main modes: FCL, LCL, RORO and break bulk.
We will then look at some specifics related to each ocean transport phases and documentation and looking at some cost calculations.

More information and the subscription page of our ocean freight training can be found here.

The profiles of some of the vessel types we will mention in this ocean transport training can be seen here.

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Incoterms® training – 2010, 2020 changes

The 7 Incoterms®changes between the 2010 and 2020 edition and which we cover in our Incoterms® training.

In this Incoterms training, we discuss the new 2020 Incoterms® list and the 7 main changes from the 2010 edition.

This training can be viewed as an interactive learning here (this version includes some additional navigation features as well as some interactive parts).

Or as a simple video, below:

You can also find more information on the new DPU Incoterms® here.

And our full Incoterms® 2020 training is available here –

Incoterms® and the Incoterms® 2020 logo are trademarks of ICC. Use of these trademarks does not imply association with, approval of or sponsorship by ICC unless specifically stated above. The Incoterms® Rules are protected by copyright owned by ICC. Further information on the Incoterm® Rules may be obtained from the ICC website

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DPU Incoterms® video

A visual representation of the new 2020 Incoterm DPU, Delivered at Place Unloaded. Extract from our Incoterms training.

An extract from our Incoterms® training, more specifically the DPU, Delivered at Place Unloaded Incoterms® slide:

The full Incoterms logistics eLearning can be found here
Some more DPU information here
We look forward to hearing your feedback on our Incoterms® training.

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Helping to limit travel (Covid-19)

An icon representing our free logistics eLearning and training Covid-19 initiative

With the global health crisis, travel restrictions are widening and in-person training, not a viable option; we want to support you in meeting your training needs and to do so are offering some free logistics eLearning .

As the world contends with the impact of Covid-19, we, Allyn International, believe eLearnings can provide a critical, efficient, and safe way to educate whilst limiting travel and face to face interactions. 

In light of this, from March 15th through to at least July 31st, 2020 all our introductory courses are complimentary and you can add them to your cart at no cost. If your cart contains only free items, you can proceed with your account creation without the need to enter any payment details.

We have also included significant discounts for all our other courses – including for our Incoterms® training, air freight, ocean and ground transport modules.

We hope you will benefit from our initiative and our free logistics eLearning training courses.
If you think we can help in any other way please contact us at

Our free online courses:

An icon representing our free logistics eLearning and training Covid-19 initiative
An icon representing our free logistics eLearning and logistics training Covid-19 initiative

3 logistics and supply chain introductory courses:

  • Introduction to transport modes – a logistics eLearning online course in which we present and review briefly the main freight transport modes (Air, Ocean, Road, Rail and Barge).
  • Introduction to documents – an eLearning online course covering, thanks to an interactive interface, certain key transport documents (notably Invoice, Packing list, Bill of Lading, CMR, Air Waybill, Certificates of origin, ATA carnet…)
  • Introduction to customs classification – a logistics online training presenting the globally used customs Harmonized System (HS) and providing additional details related to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTS) and how it expands on the Harmonized System.

1 Incoterms® 2020 related training:

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Americas ground transport essentials

A dry van used to represent our ground road transport elearning and training

In this eLearning, we will look at standard ground – mainly legal sized road – freight transport in North America.

We will:
• Introduce Inland transport as well as the parties and providers
• Compare legal size and oversize cargo and transports
• Look in quite some details at Truckload
• and Less Than Truckload transport.
• Briefly review Out Of Gage – oversize transport.
• Speak about road transport documentation and legislation.
• Summarize and review some key points.

More information here

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Air freight eLearning online training

a ULD containing air freight behind loaded on the lower deck of an airplane

Learn about air freight with our online eLearning course.

In this online course, we will look at some essentials related to Air freight transport, to air cargo transport. We will review air transport in general as well as at how air cargo is transported. We will then look at some specifics related to air forwarders and integrators as well as go over the various air freight transport phases and documentation and briefly touch on Air chartering.

More information here

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Launch time 10% discount coupon on logistics training courses.

A crane loading a 10% discount label onto a vessel. Used to represent our discount on logistics training courses.

For the launch of our online logistics training courses we are offering a 10% discount on any courses with the coupon code firstMonth.

Simply head over to our logistics training courses catalog, select the desired courses and enter this coupon code at check out.

— update July 2020–

Due to the COVID-19 situation we have decided to extend this coupon and are also offering some courses for free as well as significant discounts on our essential courses. An additional 10% discount for any net cart value over USD200 has alos been built in.
At the time of writing, this “firstMonth” 10% logistics training coupon is still valid and cumulative with the already existing discounts.

A crane loading a 10% discount label onto a vessel. Used to represent our discount on logistics training courses.