Which Incoterm to use when shipping containers?

When shipping containers, selecting the appropriate Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) is crucial to define the responsibilities and costs between the buyer and seller.

It is quite common for the involved parties to select an Incoterm, such as FOB or FAS, which is not well suited for ocean container transport as it does not match the logistical realities of container shipping and the container hand-over points from one party or one service provider to another.

In the below video, an extract from our e-learning course on Incoterm 2020, we present the list of Incoterm to prefer when shipping cargo by ocean containers.

We hope you find this short video useful and it helps you select the best incoterm for your FCL or LCL shipments. And remember when shipping containers, be it FCL or LCL, stay away from FOB and FAS and select FCA, CPT, CIP or DPU!

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