Air freight

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Air freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo by air. It is one of the 3 main modes of transport alongside land (road, rail..) and water transport (sea, river…).

Air freight is generally used when cargo needs to travel a significant distance (land is more efficient for shorter hauls) and:

  • Shipments are time critical with speed being more important than cost.
  • Cost of a delayed delivery outweighs the premium cost of air transportation.
  • Cargo is of high value or sensitive and will benefit from the enhanced security and safety equipment and processes.
  • Weight of cargo is very low (50 kilos or less).
  • Destination location is difficult to reach by other means of transport.

If you want to learn more about air freight, we offer an online short course here.

an air freight related chart from our logistics glossary. Mentions air freight is responsible for moving 35% of global goods from a value perspective but only 1% from a volume one.
Did you know? an interesting air freight fact.
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