A picture to illustrate our article on LTL versus FTL, TL. The differences between Less-Than-Truckload and Full Truckload.

Full Truckload or Less Than Truckload – TL/FTL or LTL

When moving cargo by road, you will often have to decide between using a Full Truckload (FTL) service or a Less Than Truckload (LTL) one.Many factors are taken into account when making this decision, but before we review a few of them, let’s first define and highlight the main differences between TL and LTL.

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Road transport equipment profiles

A graphic of some ground transport equipment transport which we use in our logistics eLearnings and training courses. From top to bottom: van, straight truck, container chassis, flatbed, curtainsider semi-trailer, a jumbo trailer combination, a larger road train, a low loader – heavy duty trailer, a commonly used North American tractor.

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