A picture of gantry cranes to illustrate our article

Gantry cranes in action

A gantry is a bridge-like structure, with side supports, enabling it to span, to be, over something. A gantry crane is exactly that: a crane, which thanks to its supporting side and cross beams, can straddle, be placed above cargo, and approach it from this position.

A pile up of our logistics training icons

Logistics icons

On this page, you can find some logistics related icons which we use in our logistics training online courses and eLearning modules.

An icon representing some vessels for our ship and vessel profiles article

Vessel ship profiles

Below are some graphics of vessel ship profiles, we use in our logistics eLearnings and training courses.

An icon for our truck profiles article

Road transport equipment profiles

A graphic of some ground transport equipment transport which we use in our logistics eLearnings and training courses. From top to bottom: van, straight truck, container chassis, flatbed, curtainsider semi-trailer, a jumbo trailer combination, a larger road train, a low loader – heavy duty trailer, a commonly used North American tractor.

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