Container port animation

Today, 18% of the global ocean cargo is moved thanks to shipping containers, container vessels, and container ports or terminals. But how do containers ports work? Container ports can be gigantic like the Shanghai container port through which over 40 000 000 TEUs* pass each year or small local single quays possibly relying on the …

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A picture of gantry cranes to illustrate our article

Gantry cranes in action

A gantry is a bridge-like structure, with side supports, enabling it to span, to be, over something. A gantry crane is exactly that: a crane, which thanks to its supporting side and cross beams, can straddle, be placed above cargo, and approach it from this position.

A visual representation of the new 2020 Incoterm DPU, Delivered at Place Unloaded. Extract from our Incoterms training.

DPU Incoterms® video

A video explaining the DPU Incoterms® and extracted from our Incoterms® training

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