A picture of a tanker chemical vessel used to illustrate our article on tramper and liner

Liner versus Tramp – ocean transport services

When working with ocean freight and maritime transport, it is important to know and understand the difference between Liner and ...
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A forklift used to illustrate our article on warehouse handling equipment article.

Warehouse handling equipment

In the below short logistics learning video (an extract from our course Introduction to warehousing), we present certain warehouse handling ...
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A simplified diagram of inventory management - featured image for our article

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory management can be seen as a function which aims at ensuring the smooth sourcing, production and delivery of products ...
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a thumbnail of our chart showing the eovluiotn of the sizes of container vessels

The evolution of container ships and their sizes

In this article, we will look the evolution of container ship since 1955 and at the largest container ships of ...
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an extract of our list of size record breaking container vessels from 1969 to 1984. Vessels listed in extract are: 1969: Encounter bay (1530 TEUs), 1971: Liverpool bay (2961 TEUs), 1972: Hamburg express (2984 TEUs), 1980: Neptune garnet (3268 TEUs), 1981: Frankfurt express (3430 TEUs), 1984: American New York (4614 TEUs), 1990: Magleby (4819 TEUs), 1994: NYK Altair (4953 TEUs)

Largest container ships by year

In the below table, you can find our list of largest container vessels, in terms of TEU capacity, by year ...
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Some break bulk cargo awaiting loading onto a vessel.

Main types of ocean cargo

The various goods transported by ocean and transiting through ports can be divided in 5 main types of cargo:
What is logistics? An icon representing an hyper simplified logistics chain with a truck going from a supplier to a client via a factory and a warehouse - used in our article on what is logistics.

What is logistics?

Logistics can be defined as the detailed planning, organization, and implementation of a complex operation. In layman's terms and in ...
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What is ENS - the Entry Summary Declatation ? An icon for our article of what ENS is what it contains and who should prepare it. Learn more about the Entry Summary Declaration.

Entry Summary Declaration – ENS

What is the Entry Summary Declaration - ENS? Prior to moving goods into the European Union’s customs territory an Entry ...
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A walnut and its HS, Harmonized System code, 080231, used to represent our article on customs classification and the Harmonized system.

Customs Classification and harmonized codes

Customs Classification When trading goods internationally, you will need to customs clear your merchandise for export in the country of ...
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A picture of gantry cranes to illustrate our article

Gantry cranes in action

A gantry is a bridge-like structure, with side supports, enabling it to span, to be, over something.
A gantry crane ...
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An icon to illustrate our article on the supply chain and its major flow

The supply chain – its material and logistics flows

Supply chain definition - what is a supply chain. The term Supply chain can be defined as “the sequence of ...
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4P pyramid icon four our article on fourth party logistics

What is a 4PL?

The 4PL term - short for fourth party logistics - dates back to 1996 and was coined by Accenture who ...
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A picture to illustrate our article on LTL versus FTL, TL. The differences between Less-Than-Truckload and Full Truckload.

Full Truckload or Less Than Truckload – TL/FTL or LTL

When moving cargo by road, you will often have to decide between using a Full Truckload (FTL) service or a ...
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Container port animation

Today, 18% of the global ocean cargo is moved thanks to shipping containers, container vessels, and container ports or terminals ...
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an icon to illustrate our article on linear feet and linear meters

Transportation – linear feet, linear meters

What are linear feet? What are linear meters? A linear foot or a linear meter are, as they sound like, ...
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An icon for our page containing various logistics quiz

Logistics quiz

We see our logistics quizzes as an important learning tool, and the questions and corrections they contain provide learning opportunities ...
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The icon for our page presenting our logistics courses and logistics training

Online logistics training

Allyn International has developed in-house an exclusive catalog of logistics training and supply chain eLearning courses.
Since 2020, some of our ...
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A visual representation of the new 2020 Incoterm DPU, Delivered at Place Unloaded. Extract from our Incoterms training.

DPU Incoterms® video

In the 2020 edition of the Incoterms®, the previous DAT (Delivered At Terminal) Incoterms has been renamed to DPU (Delivered at Place ...
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The 7 Incoterms®changes between the 2010 and 2020 edition and which we cover in our Incoterms® training.

Incoterms® training – 2010, 2020 changes

In this Incoterms training, we discuss the new 2020 Incoterms® list and the 7 main changes from the 2010 edition ...
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Crowd gathers to see the Very Large Container Ship - CMA CGM Brazil - approach the port of Charleston on its record breaking journey.

CMA CGM Brazil – Very Large Container Ship (VLCS) in action.

You can see below a video of the container ship CMA CGM Brazil, a container vessel from the Very Large ...
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