Road weight limits

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Road weight limit definition. Most countries impose a maximum weight limit for road transport. This means that when transporting cargo, if your vehicle and load exceed a certain weight, you will need to make certain arrangements such as:

  • obtain a permit for your heavy transport
  • divide your load into multiple shipments
  • change the used transport equipment to a better adapted one (e.g. a larger truck with more axles).

These weight limits may vary and depend on factors such as the used roads (in the US interstate highways have a higher weight limit that certain state highways), type of transport equipment (see below example of EU limits), or the season of the year (e.g. Canadian spring thaw regulation).

Learn more about European road weight limits as well as legal size and oversized cargo in our video:

European trucking road weight limits, the maximum permissible weights for lorries and trucks used in our article on road weight limits - source OECD
Maximum permissible weights for trucks – source: itf-oecd.ord

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