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Freight All Kinds (FAK) is used when cargoes of different NMFC freight classes are shipped together (in a same shipment order) but are charged on a single freight class basis.

It is generally, an agreement between a shipper who delivers load combining products of various classes and an LTL carrier. Instead of figuring out the NMFC freight class for each shipment and transported packages, the carrier determines an average class for the cargo profile of this specific shipper, and this average class is used for all his shipments.

For example, if your commodities range from class 50 to 100, the carrier could offer a Freight All Kinds (FAK) class of 70, meaning all items would be rated using this class. This may result in saving for you and will ease calculation/control for all. Carriers closely monitor their existing FAK to make sure they remain viable, as freight mixes may change over time.

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