An icon for our transportation mode selection game

A logistics transport game

Can you help your customer select the best transport?
Play our transport mode selection game to find out if you can ...
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An icon for our article on the worldwide merchant fleet

2020 world merchant fleet

Based on the publicly available UNCTAD data, the world merchant fleet was composed of over 95,000 vessels in 2020.
The total ...
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A picture of an ULD and an aircraft used for our video on volumetric weight

Air freight – volumetric and dimensional weight

Volumetric weight and dimensional weight are used in the field of transportation, notably Air transport, to calculate transport rates.
Learn ...
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An icon representing some vessels for our ship and vessel profiles article

Vessel ship profiles

Below are some graphics of vessel ship profiles, we use in our logistics eLearnings and training courses ...
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An icon for our truck profiles article

Road transport equipment profiles

A graphic of some ground transport equipment transport which we use in our logistics eLearnings and training courses. From top ...
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A pile up of our logistics training icons

Logistics icons

On this page, you can find some logistics related icons which we use in our logistics training online courses and ...
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