2020 world merchant fleet

Based on the publicly available UNCTAD data, the world merchant fleet was composed of over 95,000 vessels in 2020.
The total deadweight* of this gigantic fleet was over 2,000,000 thousand tons – meaning that in 2020 the merchant fleet had the capacity to carry (all in : crew, cargo, fuel, ballast,….) over 2,000,000,000 tons at any one point in time.

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Transportation – linear feet , linear meters

What are linear feet? What are linear meters?

A linear foot or a linear meter are, as they sound like, a foot or a meter in a line – a length of 1 foot or 1 meter. 5 linear meters describe a line 5 meters long.

In the field of transport, these linear meters or feet are used as a measurement of how much space is used in a truck. This linear footage or meters measurement is used notably for the pricing of LTL partload or LTL volume services.

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Main types of ocean cargo

The various goods transported by ocean and transiting through ports can be divided in 5 main types of cargo:

  • Liquid Bulk (cca. 29% of the 2018 loaded tons for international maritime trade)
  • Dry Bulk (cca. 46%)
  • Containers (cca. 18%)
  • Roll On Roll Off and Break Bulk. (put together – cca. 7%)
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What is a 4PL?

The 4PL term – short for fourth party logistics – dates back to 1996 and was coined by Accenture who defined a 4PL as:

“A supply chain integrator that assembles and manages the resources, capabilities, and technology of its own organization with those of complementary service providers to deliver a comprehensive supply chain solution.” 

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