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Helping to limit travel (Covid-19)

An icon representing our free logistics eLearning and training Covid-19 initiative

With the global health crisis, travel restrictions are widening and in-person training, not a viable option; we want to support you in meeting your training needs and to do so are offering some free logistics eLearning .

As the world contends with the impact of Covid-19, we, Allyn International, believe eLearnings can provide a critical, efficient, and safe way to educate whilst limiting travel and face to face interactions. 

In light of this, from March 15th through to at least July 31st, 2020 all our introductory courses are complimentary and you can add them to your cart at no cost. If your cart contains only free items, you can proceed with your account creation without the need to enter any payment details.

We have also included significant discounts for all our other courses – including for our Incoterms® training, air freight, ocean and ground transport modules.

We hope you will benefit from our initiative and our free logistics eLearning training courses.
If you think we can help in any other way please contact us at

Our free online courses:

An icon representing our free logistics eLearning and training Covid-19 initiative
An icon representing our free logistics eLearning and logistics training Covid-19 initiative

3 logistics and supply chain introductory courses:

  • Introduction to transport modes – a logistics eLearning online course in which we present and review briefly the main freight transport modes (Air, Ocean, Road, Rail and Barge).
  • Introduction to documents – an eLearning online course covering, thanks to an interactive interface, certain key transport documents (notably Invoice, Packing list, Bill of Lading, CMR, Air Waybill, Certificates of origin, ATA carnet…)
  • Introduction to customs classification – a logistics online training presenting the globally used customs Harmonized System (HS) and providing additional details related to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTS) and how it expands on the Harmonized System.

1 Incoterms® 2020 related training:

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